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Mon 25 Jun 2007 (20:42)
set to be displayed permanentlyAll the bits added in for the DVD version of Tiswas Reunited

Okay, this is going to be highly anorak-like, but hey, it's what I do best. Here is a list of all the significant things added (or changed) to the DVD version of Tiswas Reunited.

  • 'Previously on Tiswas' introduction... planted at the very beginning, so the ATV ident and titles come after. So it's even different to the recording version.
  • Norman Collier broken microphone sketch where he's hinting at swearing.
  • Old Folks Home gag as seen on the first DVD (using CT's actual parents, IIRC).
  • Vicar scene which has Chris telling this history of Tiswas' rise in sermon-like tones, slagging off Blue Peter and Sw*p Sh*p, yay, this is the stuff. Shows a lot more of the Cage inhabitants being soaked, and you can see a lot of spit_the_cat who was hardly visible in the TV verison.
  • Ooookaaaay song is nearly in full (get the first DVD to see it in full), a lot more than the brief snippet on the TV version.
  • Lenny introduction is properly in full, the TV edit was rather hasty.
  • Chris Tarrant goes elephant washing at Twycross Zoo in the Creature Feature clips montage.
  • Cleaned up Tiswas, a clip where Chris announces that from now on, Tiswas will be dedicated to high art, intellectual debate, theatre reviews, etc, before a stray kid comes on and demands chaos. Which ensues. Brilliance!
  • Spit the Dog routine has been properly shown pretty much in full, including the 'sh-t' misheard gag.
  • Top Of The Pops memories, slating the BBC for the treatment they got.
  • Four Bucketeers tour memories, how Chris got one over on ATV.
  • Memories of public soakings, Sally and Chris describe the drenchings they got outside of Tiswas.
  • Dying fly music replaced by some 'zany' music hall style effort. The only real disappointment. I personally would have had no audio at all for this.
  • Extended Albert Grumble rant, where he claims how he fought in the Boer War, the American War Of Independence and against 'Adolf Bush' (that's my clapping which starts the applause for that), then goes up the stairs into the audience, and finishes by expressing his rage at Matthew Lewis' carrot. Genius. Best bit on the DVD if you ask me.
  • 'One For You' mess montage has a lot of the original audio from the clips restored.
  • Queen's 'We Are The Champions' removed from the Jackie Chan and Mohammed Ali clips, replaced with some triumphant-sounding anonymous music.
  • Music replaced on ATV studios visit - Johnny Hates Jazz's 'Turn Back The Clock', Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know' and Queen's 'You're My Best Friend', substituted for some vague (possibly royalty-free) music.
  • ATV studios visit extended, to show the ramp in Bridge Street, plus footage of Annie Lennox doing the Bucket Of Water Song.
  • Frank Carson's detective joke, I knew he did three on the night!
  • More beards on show during Wuwal Wetweats, well, significantly you see the rest of the Tiswas team with their ginger beards on, just like in the ITV1 trailer.
  • Paul Hardin - footage of him drumming all over the place (as seen on the first DVD) and back in the Tiswas Reunited studio, Sally visits him in the front row.
  • Chris' post-show speech, a really touching moment, as it's the kind of thing you see/hear at TV show recordings which don't end up on TV at all. It's basically the cast and crew applauding the audience. At this point, I thought the cameras had stopped running. This is such a nice touch to end the DVD on. Plus, you get some more end credits bolted on when this is going on, mentioning the work made by the DVD crew.

So there you go. There were camera angles and other things I noticed, being a video nerd, but they're not too significant to make the list. Enjoy!

-Peter Thomas

tony.nicholson Mon 25 Jun 2007 (23:27)
Hope you agree the DVD is worth having. I'm afraid we had to replace nearly all the commercial music with non-commercial library music for purely financial reasons. It would have been prohibitively expensive to pay royalties on all the tracks we used in the televised version. Needs must I'm afraid, but I hope it doesn't spoil the enjoyment of Tiswas Reunited as it was meant to be!


theboysmith Mon 25 Jun 2007 (23:31)
Wow, you have had a productive evening, Peter! God work. I've a question for Tony... Why were no clips of the surviving 1975 episode included on the 'When TIS..' documentary? We didn't see anything of Peter Tomlinson or John Asher other than their recent interviews. (Minor quibble - loved the rest!)


tony.nicholson Mon 25 Jun 2007 (23:43)
I would have loved to have featured some John Asher / Peter T clips. Obviously you guys have something we don't! Unfortunately I didn't have any footage at my disposal. When we come to do the 2032 50th anniversary smell-around 3d-dvd - get in touch and we'll be sure to feature the episode in question...


theboysmith Mon 25 Jun 2007 (23:54)
Oh no! This is in the ITV archive, rather being a fan only episode. It seems your researcher wants a good flanning! ITV even gave clips to BBC4 for their recent 1970s edition of Kids' TV on Trial. As you say, roll on 2032 - when Frank Carson will be 105 and still using the same material!


Peter Thomas Tue 26 Jun 2007 (07:35)
Blimey. If only you'd asked! I thought 30/08/75 is really common. My copy came from a BBC employee a few years back!


Peter Thomas Tue 26 Jun 2007 (07:32)
I just sat down with a scrap of paper and scribbled down notes on my first viewing of the DVD. Having seen the TV version four times, it was quite easy to see the changes.


Peter Thomas Tue 26 Jun 2007 (07:34)
The DVD is brilliant, the TV version is just a mere trailer for it! Don't worry about the music. I didn't want to make Keane any richer anyway! I hope that J*n*th*n K*ng doesn't see a penny, obviously.


John Dredge Wed 27 Jun 2007 (08:56)
i really loved it. when i was a kid i used to think chris tarrant was god...


John Dredge Wed 27 Jun 2007 (09:00)
now i am 147.


John Dredge Thu 28 Jun 2007 (13:18)
dear CT please do your live one man show in london.


Rach Sat 30 Jun 2007 (00:22)
John Dredge, I saw CT's recent one man show in Warwick. It was amazing. If it goes on the road but doesn't come to your area I give you one piece of advice. TRAVEL!!! This show is hilarious, Chris is a genius and you will have the best night out..........guaranteed!!! I saw it a week ago and I'm still laughing!!!!


Peter Thomas Sat 30 Jun 2007 (09:51)
I spot some bias here, Rachel! Especially as you even praise Man O Man...

Mon 25 Jun 2007 (19:49)
set to be displayed permanentlyTHE DVD HAS ARRIVED

well rushed home from work un plugged the phone sat in front of the tv and pressed play.Yes my tiswas dvd had arrived and nothing was going to stop me watchin it now.
All the bits that were not on the tv show are on the dvd more cage shots off all of us,it was great to see even more of that great night...
Now i have to lend it out to all family and friends ..Roll on the next tiswas night,
Thanks to all who made this dream for me to come true..

-jason wainwright

Fri 22 Jun 2007 (06:48)
set to be displayed permanentlyPre title clips

Will the pre show "previously on Tiswas" sketch be included in the DVD?


tony.nicholson Fri 22 Jun 2007 (08:22)
Yes - the 'Previously' tease was dropped at the whim of somebody at ITV - not sure why. It's there on the DVD, but with some different (and I think better) clips.


mighty ATV Fri 22 Jun 2007 (23:21)
hi tony wow great show! i was there on the night. im going to post a big blog on here shortly. i wanted to know was it ever considered by ITV to put an ATV endcap on at the end of the show? cheers greg mighty atv ps that atv fanfare at the start was awesome...especially with 5 million watching it!!


tony.nicholson Sat 23 Jun 2007 (09:09)
We had to get all sorts of special dispensations for the end of the show. You have probably noticed all ITV shows these days end with the same (rather dull!) static credits against blue or black, so that they can 'squeeze' them to one side to promote forthcoming programmes. It's a hard and fast rule now. Also you're not even allowed to have lyrics in your closing music, so that the continuity announcer can talk over it. After a bit of a battle we got special dispensation to do our credits in true Chris Wroe Tiswas tradition - AND with singing! Quite an achievement! The ATV end slate though was never considered, because that is where legal ownership in a programme is established. The copyright owners are named on the end-slate, so that has to be done correctly. The ATV opening logo however was something I was very keen to do, purely for nostalgia's sake.


mighty ATV Sat 23 Jun 2007 (23:13)
hi Tony thanks for explaining that about the ATV endcap. yes i agree the ITV endcap is rather dull and reptetive in comparison. you did ATV proud by being keen to put the ident zoom at the start. one of my biggest fears of this reunion show was that ATV Land may have been overlooked in all of this. its a shame that it couldnt have taken place in the former ATV studios in birmingham. its still there (just) but decaying by the day sadly. due to be demolished soon. however on the night ATV was well remembered throughout. can i say it was a fantastic touch by yourself and ITV to get chriss and sally to the old studios for a look around. it was a poigniant moment i think seeing where great shows like tiswas were made in the days of regional ITV stations. thanks again

Thu 21 Jun 2007 (20:10)
set to be displayed permanentlyThis IS what we want!

Sweet as a nut!
All the manic great stuff we saw on St. George's Day, more extras than on a big film production, best pre-month Birthday Prezzie I could hope for LOL

I'm so excited, all I can say is .....Fandabidozi :oD


Thu 21 Jun 2007 (18:43)
set to be displayed permanentlyWhy the edits occurred, and why the DVD is great

Right, this is my first post-transmission blog entry. I'd like to say that Tiswas Reunited has been an astounding success, the reception towards it among casual viewers (ie: not us Tiswas anoraks) has been staggering. Us hardcore fans loved it too, even we have been pedantically covering the bits that were dropped, we still enjoyed it. My heart was racing on Saturday night just as it was at the recording.

My favourite bits have been the ATV ident (yes, I'm a sad TV nerd, but you can't fault that genuine and spontaneous cheer for it), Robert Plant's appearance, the Cage, Bob's Spit The Dog routine, Frank Carson's non-PC jokes, Albert Grumble's rant, Mohammed Ali's praise, the fact they dared to show a boxing kangaroo act and the somewhat backhanded recognition for Dick and Dom.

I also like the fact that my face is in there for a few seconds. Not that I like being in TV programmes in general, but this is Tiswas, and just to be a tinsy winsy part of it has been my lifetime ambition.

Even the David Bellamy thing, which I didn't think worked at the recording, has come out quite well, due to the real David's hidden comic talent.

What I love is that people who never saw Tiswas first time round (due to, er, having been before after 1982, having prudish parents or being in the wrong part of the country) have picked up on this show and are loving it. It's caught a real buzz with fans of Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow, for starters.

Anyway, I have been contacted by Tony Nicholson who has been perusing our forum for our comments on the show. He's noted a lot of you didn't understand the edits (myself included). He's sent me an explanation of a particular edit, and says that while put the show together, he wasn't responsible for all the decisions (ie: the ad break placements and the switching around of items).

The Bright Eyes/Matthew Lewis edit occured because the audience's singalong completely drowned out Matthew! The team were pleased that we joined in on the night of the recording, but back in the edit suite, the cut had to be made, because after all, the show is intended for people who may not have seen that clip before. It was a decision made by Chris and Tony. And yes, they admit it's one of the few places where had to resort to recorded laughter.

The DVD is going to include a lot of the 'missing' studio footage, all the ad breaks are removed, and, as Chris and Tony always intended, it will be in the original running order.

Tony says that he knows we'll prefer the DVD version to the television broadcast. It's the Programme Editor and Executive Producer's Cut!

The documentary How Tis Came To Was has great TV interviews and lots of archive stuff that's not in Tiswas Reunited.

So, I guess some of you would like to ask Tony some questions. Get asking them here, we'll be chatting some more later!

-Peter Thomas

izdaman Thu 21 Jun 2007 (22:02)
Makes sense about the Bright Eyes edit, we were too loud!! Is it feasible to have a fans edit? In other words, the Bright Eyes singing and the Cage drenching at the end? Even just those two bits so we can put in in ourselves would be fab. Now that would be fantastic!!!


tony.nicholson Fri 22 Jun 2007 (00:24)
Sadly it would be financially prohibitive to go back into an edit suite yet again to reinstate your admittedly rousing singing on 'Bright Eyes', but the good news is there is a slightly extended version of the end of the night on DVD - I can't quite remember, but I'm pretty sure there are more cage shots.


izdaman Fri 22 Jun 2007 (00:33)
Thanks for your response, it's really heart warming that you care about it as much as we do! Cheers again Tony.

Sun 17 Jun 2007 (16:34)
set to be displayed permanently

Only two things I was disappointed with. The Bright Eyes editing (canned laughter, pfft!) and the Bucket of Water song, whilst it was visually exciting with a load of colourful pac a mac's getting a dribble of water, the Cage got totally wiped out during that, only two quick shots were shown, booo!

Apart from that, I loved it!


Sun 17 Jun 2007 (07:28)
set to be displayed permanentlyMmm! Was it what you expected? Im not so sure

Ok, sorry but this may sound a little negative but what we saw on tv last night wasnt half as good as actually being there. Ive done a few tv shows before as a musician/equity member that have been recorded in advance and edited for later transmission and they were ok..This wasnt! It just seemed to be badly produced/edited, the ad breaks were a bit higgledy piggledy (sorry porky). I think it would have been better shown without the ad breaks and shown at a different time slot, but then as with most tv stuff they have to fit things into a time slot that is available. I thought some of the camera shots were too close and not enough of the audience. What happend to chris dressed as a vicar, more of the phantom ect? Me and my partner Belinda enjoyed watching the show but it just seemed to lack a bit of energy, maybe more references to past presenters ect, more chaos and more Status Quo...All in all, it was a bit too tame. I hope all who were on it and watched it enjoyed the show though. Here's to the 50th Anniversary of the start of the show in 2024 (not long to go), good luck with the site, book and who knows (Bringing back the show with Dick & Dom), Thanks to Pete and all the other guys for keeping this site going...Jez


jason wainwright Sun 17 Jun 2007 (09:21)
yes after being in the cage the show did miss some of the best bits out and the bucket of water song at the end was dissapointing.But we still had our very own tiswas party roll on 2024

creamcadet Sun 17 Jun 2007 (09:21)
Yes, not actually being there for the recording I can't really say anything on this matter, and I thought it was great. I did think the editing could have been a bit better. I also would imagine that the show would not have been possible if it weren't for this site bringing everyone together. So I think we owe a massive thank you to everyone who runs the site.


Peter Thomas Sun 17 Jun 2007 (09:47)
CreamCadet, your comments are very kind. Whilst us lot at TiswasOnline did help out with the show, we can't claim credit for its existence! The bulk of it had nothing to do with us! I like to feel that this site, over the past 3 years, has added value to the Tiswas 'brand', and got people talking about it. Maybe we were a catalyst for this revival, maybe not, I'll never know. So our input for Tiswas Reunited was minimal. However, Chris and ITV have always described us a fan club, and I'm glad we got respect for that.

Peter Thomas Sun 17 Jun 2007 (09:53)
The production was okay, and the editing? Well, as a video editor, I can see it was edited to instruction. Remember there was far far more stuff recorded than they expected. Cuts did have to be made. I think the "Previously..." intro between the ATV ident and titles should have been left in. I understand most of the rest of the cuts, particularly the vicar routine which didn't quite work. As for being shown without ad breaks - well, this is ITV, they need ad breaks as a form of revenue! If you want television without ads, there's a broadcasting corporation out there that specialises in that!

Sat 16 Jun 2007 (18:44)
set to be displayed permanentlyBritain's Got Tarrant

Many thanks to Lenny Henry for referencing this site in the Daily Mail Tiswas article today. This week I've also learnt that Chris Tarrant has been reading this very blog. And Sally plugged this site across TalkSport and BBC local radio. I'm really really touched by this!

So, with the most important Tiswas development of the century about to happen in less than two hours, is this the end for us when it's over?


The TiswasOnline contributors are busy crafting a book project which is going to be published, may even be hooked up with an official endorsement. Who knows? But it's definitely coming out in one form or another.

TiswasOnline itself is going to redevelop. No existing information content will be deleted, but it will have a much better design, and will be heavily interactive. More of a "fan club" feel than just pages of info. I'd say "Web 2.0" but that's such a Nathan-Barley-ism... ugh! Still, we are going to grow.

Yesterday saw the biggest amount of traffic to the site ever, and today is still heavily busy, set to be a new record-breaker in terms of traffic to the site. Maybe Sunday will be even busier? Who knows? All I know is that our forums will be deluged come 10:45pm tonight and through most of Sunday!

We do have the bandwidth (the technical term for, er, keeping a website working) to cope with this staggeringly vast amount of attention we're getting. Just been on the phone to our hosters, Bluehost in the States, and they have been utterly fantastic. We have a jaw-dropping amount of support from them.

So, this is pretty much it. I have the same feeling I did sitting in the Mulberry pub on April 23rd, getting nerves towards the crucial moment. Tonight is the night. I'm so amazed at the buzz around this show. It definitely has got people talking, especially a great deal of non-fans. The time is right for a series, easily!

Noel Edmonds, watch and learn. THIS IS THE STUFF! THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT!

-Peter Thomas

Tue 12 Jun 2007 (10:02)
set to be displayed permanentlyYippee!!!!!!

I remember climbing up the Cage at the to try and get in the piccie and for my efforts you can see me just behind Sally James head!!!

I can't wait til Saturday!!!!

I saw the article in The Sun so I added a comment to it at the Sun Online!!!!

I still can't believe I got soaked by Chris Tarrant. I can die happy!!!!

Rachel Doyle


theboysmith Tue 12 Jun 2007 (18:27)
Ahh climbing up the Cage to get into the pic, now that's something I can relate too! I seem to recall another pic was taken with the TISWAS team down on one knee to get everyone into frame. Hopefully that will be amongst the pics from ITV press office next week - I've not forgotten!

nhodgkiss44 Wed 13 Jun 2007 (22:29)
I canít believe that once again for the first time in over 25 years the ATV ident will once again roll on a Saturday (hopefully)? followed by the classic Tiswas title sequence, im guessing World of sport will not be following this programme nor will Noel tidybeard be swapping stuff over on BBC1 !!. Iím gonna have to get myself a curly wurly and a star bar along with a packet of space dust to eat during the show and try to find my Big Track to play with during the break! Can't wait. Neil

Tue 12 Jun 2007 (09:34)
set to be displayed permanentlySUN NEWPAPER

oh my god its all come back to me ,just bought the sun newspaper and on page 23 there we all in the big cage photo that they took at the end of the night.
You can make some of us out as we are climing the cage to get in the photo.
ROLL ON SAT NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-jason wainwright

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